about me:

i started teaching at hms in 1980.  at that time i was the 4/5/6 instrumental instructor and taught general music in the 4th through 8th grade.

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•i was laid off in 1981 and continued to teach instrumental music in the hanover public schools on a pay-as-you-go basis for the next 4 years.

•in 1984 I started to write and produce plays in Hanover, which i continue to do today.

•in 1985 i was hired back as a “Real” Teacher doing instrumental and general music in the 5th through 8th grade. 

•in 1990 i took a sabbatical to start “Centastage”, a theatre company in Boston which is now in it’s 24th season!  

•i returned to Hanover in January of 1992 and took over full-time instrumental and general music at HMS. 

•in the late 90’s i started teaching strictly general music with an emphasis on technology.

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•in 2009 I also became the Korus Director. 

•in 2014 i retired as HMS Korus Director and went back to full time general music.

•in 2018/19 I continue to teach strictly general music with an emphasis on technology.  in addition this year I continue to teach 3 “exploratory” courses: STAGE AND STUDIO TECH (5th), THE BROADWAY MUSICAL (6th) and VIDEO PRODUCTION (8th). 

•in aug. 2019 I RETIRED!  

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