grade 6

gr 6 web final Converted

The major goal of this class is to foster an understanding, appreciation and a love for music.  Units of study include Current Arts, RhythmWrite, MelodyWrite, Singing, Gershwin's Life and Music, Music Presentations, and the Creative Video Project. 

This class adheres to The Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks.  By the end of the year, students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of seven core elements of music:  rhythm, melody, expression, form and design, community and self, history and culture, and technology. 

Teacher-directed lessons, visual project descriptions, independent work, and group creation are some of the methods of instruction.  

Multi-media materials such as video, digital music and computer displays are used as instructional materials.  

Homework in this class includes a Music Presentation.  Students have written, oral presentation, rhythmic dictation and melodic dictation assessments.