grade 7

gr 7 web final Converted

The major goal of this class is to foster an understanding, appreciation and a love for music.  Units of study include Current Arts, RhythmWrite, MelodyWrite, Broadway Musicals - Miss Saigon and Wicked, and Create-A-Song.

This class adheres to The Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks.  By the end of the year, students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of seven core elements of music:  rhythm, melody, expression, form and design, community and self, history and culture, and technology. 

Teacher-directed lessons, visual project descriptions, independent work, and group creation  are some of the methods of instruction.  Multi-media materials such as video, digital music, GarageBand software and computer displays are used as instructional materials. 

Homework in this class includes creation of an original song in Create-A-Song.  Students have written, oral presentation, rhythmic dictation and melodic dictation assessments.